William Morrisey

Anthology of American Folk Music     

(Excerpted from the introduction by Greil Marcus)

"The Anthology of American Folk Music was a work produced by a twenty-nine-year-old man of no fixed address named Harry Smith. Issued in 1952 on Folkways Records of New York City -- as an elaborate, dubiously legal bootleg ... -- it was the founding document of the American folk revival."

Harry Smith gathered what he thought to be the most relevant traditional and marginalized American folk music from 1927 (when electronic recording made a leap in quality) and 1932 (when the Depression halted folk music sales). To this day, it stands as the definitive canon of what Greil Marcus calls The Old, Weird America.

When Smithsonian Folkways did a box set re-issue, they invited
Scott Stowell to design it, who in turn asked me to help out.

Art Direction & Design : Scott Stowell
Design : William Morrisey


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