William Morrisey


Hello there.

wmwmwm is William Morrisey, who is an award winning art director, designer, illustrator and educator working in New York.

This site shows a range of projects. Some are for the cultural and
commerical sectors, others are self-initiated. William works both independently and at times with a a pool of extraordinary collaborators to whom he is (that is, I am) full of thanks.

Clients include :

Sundance Channel Photographer Brad Harris
Metropolis magazineEstablished / Bar Milano
New York TimesJean Georges Vongerichten
Smithsonian FolkwaysSandwich Smash / unbreaded
Good magazineVoices Republic
GestaltenThe BIG group at Ogilvy
Cornell UniversityOpen: a design studio
Big Dance TheaterCubanica / Pablo Medina
Coca-ColaBarry Deck, LLC

Collaborators include :
Ricardo Tolomelli, Nicole Michels, Gary Fogelson, Benjamin Greenberg, Brad Harris, Pablo Medina, Nando Costa, Dean Nicastro,
Dan Dickson, Thomas Degrémont, Eric Baudelaire, Galen Wolfe-Pauly,
Dominic Mondavi, Jonathan Correira

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Site Credits for V.3 :
Site customization, coding & development : Benjamin Greenberg
Photography : Victor Affaro
Site is a highly customized build of Indexhibit