William Morrisey

Sandwich Smash 2009 identity     

Sandwich Smash is a one day event presented by the guys from Unbreaded (Best of Philly Food Blog 2009) where five incredibly talented Philadelphia chefs treated the 350+ person audience to their signature sandwiches, complete with "beer pairings" and dessert, hosted by Esquire magazine food editor Ryan D'Agostino.

Unbreaded connected the event with a fundraiser and peanut butter & jelly food-drive to benefit Philabundance. Along the way, thousands of loaves of bread were donated by Stroemann's and hundreds of jars of PB&J were donated by Shope Rite. Good eats and a good cause.

We designed the event materials, including the Sandwich Smash identity, website, give-away bags, fundraiser t-shirt, event menu, postcards, posters and an 80-page e-book with oodles of information.

Event Creators : Unbreaded, Jeff Vogel and Ben Kessler
Art Direction & Design : William Morrisey
Design : Dan Dickson
Web Development : Benjamin Greenberg
Photography : Gabriel Fredericks
Event Host : Ryan D’Agostino, Esquire magazine food editor
Journalist Partner : Francine Maroukian


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